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Howard Street Charter School Information

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Intermediate Choir 2018 Spring Performances

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Screen Free Challenge 2018

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We wanted to let you know about our winter campaign for kids called the “Great Screen Free Challenge.” Each year, we encourage kids of all ages to turn off their TV screens and computer games for an entire week, and we reward them with an after-hours party at the library. This year it’s a little different. Kids can pick any 7 days to turn off their screens (they do not have to be consecutive days) between now and January 20th. There is still time to sign up, and we are hoping you will share this opportunity with your students and their parents. Here are the details:


Hey kids! Do you have what it takes to go screen-free for a day? How about a week? Pledge to pick any 7 days between December 1st and January 20th to turn off all TV's and video games, and earn the ultimate reward: An invitation to our annual Kids' Late Night Party - Harry Potter Edition on Friday, January 26th from 6:30 to 9 pm. Pledge online through January 14th at http://bit.ly/SPLScreenFree2017 or at the Salem Public Library Children's Ask Here desk.

 We hope you share our desire to encourage kids to unplug and hopefully explore some alternative resources such as great books, creative games, crafts and other hands-on activities. They’ll also be rewarded with an exciting evening at the library when they will get the entire library to themselves!


2018 Immunization Clinics

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Brush College Honor Choir Permission Slip

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2017-18 Orchestra Class Schedules

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Salem- Keizer Public Schools Growth Prediction

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Fall 2017-18 Basketball, Cheer & Pickleball

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Opt Out Annual Notification for 2017-18

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