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Our parent club meets each month on the first Thursday, 6pm at Brush College. All BC parents are welcome and invited to attend. Childcare is always provided.
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November Parent Club Meeting Minutes

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Brush College Parents Club Meeting Agenda with NOTES

November 2014

Present:  Rachel McCreery, Chris Spooner, Josh & Tawnie Sweet, Markita Larsen, Erin DeVoy, Meghan Diaz, Scott & Whitney McDonald, Erin Johnson, Kevin & Amanda Ryan, Teresa Foote, Artonya Gemmil

              Welcome and Introductions


·         President – Teresa Foote

·         Vice-President/Scrip – Whitney and Scott McDonald

·         Treasurer – Tawnie and Josh Sweet

·         Business Partnership Coordinator- Meghan Diaz

·         Volunteer Coordinator  – Chris Spooner

·         Co-Secretary – Michelle Balter and Whitney McDonald


          Treasurer’s Report

·         New procedure for fund distribution to the teachers – Josh explained the new way we distributed funds to teachers following jogathan, and how they can request additional funds if needed for other events / projects.  He also explained the budget sheet.  .  Josh reminded us that yearbooks must be paid for in advance, which would be another possible expense from the parent club account.

·          Teresa explained our upcoming and annual expenses.  She thanked everyone for a great jogathon and expressed the board’s excitement of surpassing our goal!  5% of the jogathon income went into our savings.  Teresa expressed our intent to fundraise for a set of iPad’s for the school.  We may be able to get a discount for purchasing multiple iPad's and there may be some up-front cost for software purchase.  Some existing licenses used for Media in the school computers will work for iPad applications as well.


          Principal’s Report –

o   Artonya thanked Josh and the board for their work on the jogathon and appreciated the new procedures of distributing funds to teachers.  Said she hadn’t heard for any complaints. 

o   She encouraged parents to attend conferences and get the forms turned in by 11/7.  Report cards will not be mailed prior to conferences as has been done in past years.  This year, report cards will be given to parents at the conference, giving the teachers a chance to go over the new grading system with parents in person.

o   Reminders:  3-5th grade writing assessments will be the first few weeks of December.  K-2 assessments will remain in the spring.  The smart balance testing is new this year and is only for information, to see where our students are.  We should expect a decline because this testing is new this year.


              New Business

·         Script order due tomorrow (November 7th) – One more order before Christmas!

·         Christmas Tree sales – Scott and Whitney McDonald – Wrong dates on the original form distributed to students, but opening weekend remains the weekend following Thanksgiving (including Friday that week only).  Weekends only following that weekend, special appts can be made if absolutely necessary.

·         Monthly Health and Wellness Nights – Erin DeVoy – Erin will be hosting a Monthly health and wellness night in the school.  She encouraged families to attend and participate, and she will donate a percentage to the school based on how many people sign up for this program.

·         Reading Program offered by Baskin Robins

o   Need a point person – Tawnie Sweet will be taking on this program.

·         New Parent Club Website – Kevin Ryan – Kevin has a great start of the new website!  The website is free now as a basic website through weebly, but if we upgrade to Pro for approximately $120 for 2 years, we would get additional features and a simpler web address.  We will vote at next meeting on whether or not we want to upgrade and pay the fees.  Kevin said he would like to set up a PayPal donations button on the site, as well as possible wish lists for each teacher.

·         Craft Night – Markita Larson – December 10th 6-7:30 pm.  There will be 13 crafts, a few of them are new this year, some repeats.  She will need some prep help.  Possibly contact Starbucks for employee volunteer time?  We should also think about how best to get crafts home, a better carry system than last year.  Parent club plans to provide popcorn (cost will be 1 ticket) and possibly bottled water.

o   Volunteer sign-up sheet  

·         Spirit Wear Orders – Due December 5th - Orders will arrive before students are released for Winter Break.

o   3 logo designs available


              Upcoming Events

·         Script order due tomorrow (November 7th)

·         Popcorn Friday / Pictures Retakes – Nov. 14

·         No School – Nov. 10-11,  Nov 20 -28 (kindergarten) Nov. 24 – 28 (1-5 grade)

·         Conferences – Nov. 24 -25

o   Lunch/Dinner Food for teachers on Nov. 24 - One grandparent offered to make lasagna for all the teachers.  We will ask for volunteers for additional items.  Homemade is ok for staff, not for students.

o   Breakfast for Nov. 25 – Continental Breakfast style.  Bagels, Muffins, Fruit, Etc.  Will be asking for volunteers.


·         Book Fair – December 4 – 12th – Volunteer sign-up sheet available.  This is the main fundraiser for the library all year.  Artonya reminded everyone that the library pays for technology licensing as well (computer games).

o   Volunteer Need: Before school, lunch and after school and craft night

·         Grandparent Day – December 5th

o   Need a photographer – no one volunteered.

o   Need extra volunteers for book fair



         Raffle Prize


              Adjourn / Go to committee meeting until 7pm – Did not do committees.

o   Outdoor School Committee – Teresa Foote – The cost for outdoor school this year is $90 per student + bus fee + staff to attend.  It will cost extra for the kids to use the zip line and to receive a t shirt.  Approximately half of the parents have expressed they will be paying in full for their student to attend outdoor school.  Approximately 6 plan to ½ fundraise and ½ pay out of pocket.  Approximately 11 plan to fundraise for 100% of the funds needed to attend.  The main fundraisers for Outdoor School will be the McMenamin’s Family & Friends night in February and the Candy bar sales.

o   Donation / Business Partner Committee – Meghan Diaz

o   Teacher Support / Family Events – Whitney McDonald

o   Craft Night – Markita Larson 

Parent Club Board Members

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President - Teresa Foote

Vice Presidents - Whitney McDonald & 
                        Scott McDonald

Treasurers - Joshua Sweet &
                 Tawnie Sweet

Secretary - vacant

Volunteer Coordinator - Chris Spooner


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September 2014 PTC Newsletter

Parent Club Minutes

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The March parent club minutes have been posted.

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